Marshall Sidbury is a songwriter based in Durham, North Carolina.

'Late Eclipses' LP out June 18, 2021 on Aldora Britain Records

"Rattling freight trains, boundless landscapes as far as the eye can see...psychedelic country-folk...smells of desert, cactus, motels lost in the void..." - Roots!

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Marshall Sidbury has been writing songs since he left home in the New Mexico desert to work as a cattle hand on the rodeo circuit. One night after the rodeo, he was stabbed by a jealous husband in an Arkansas juke joint and had a spiritual awakening. He quit the rodeo and left the next day to play the piano in a traveling Pentecostal revival, until he was bitten multiple times by a venomous snake and could not travel to the next destination. After he recovered, he took a job in a tobacco warehouse near Durham, North Carolina, where he lives today. Along the way, he's picked up songs and musical styles. From the corridos of Mexican border towns to the work chants he learned as a prisoner during a brief stint in a Texas penitentiary, Marshall blends them all into his own brand of American music.

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